Aims of prevention and treatment of IDA

Aims of prevention and treatment of IDA are as follows:

  • elimination of the cause which was the reason of the disease development (nutrition correction, identification and elimination of blood loss source);
  • compensation for body iron deficiency

In this regard, the main principles of treatment and prevention of IDA are as follows: proper diet:
a person's daily diet should contain at least 20 mg of iron, pregnant woman - 30 mg;
prescribing of iron-containing drugs, since reimburse body iron deficiency in other ways is impossible;
use of predominantly iron preparations for peroral intake;
prescribing of iron supplements in adequate doses, which are calculated for each individual patient, taking into account his/her body weight and therapeutic plan of treatment;
sufficient duration of the course of treatment with iron preparations, mild anemia - 3 months, moderate anemia -4.5 months and severe anemia - 6 months;
need of monitoring the effectiveness of therapy with iron preparations.